Ethics in Magic

This topic was inspired by a recent Pagan discussion that I attended. The speaker was trying to drill her ethics into the attendees. And by doing so, offending others who attended who follow similar, yet different paths than her. If she had said something to the effect of “I do/don’t do this, because…” it would have been less offensive. But stating that “X,Y,Z is wrong” was a bit insulting to anyone with different ethics than her.

Ethics is a word that’s bantered about the magical community quite a bit, and is quite a controversial subject. Some people feel you can do love spells on a specific person, while other’s view it as magical rape. Some people believe in a 3-fold law, while others think the idea of it is foolishness, and magically limiting.

But what are ethics? And why should anyone care if ours does not match theirs?

The short definition from Merrian-Webster dictionary states “rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad

ethics : an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior : a branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right or wrong

But what is good and bad behavior? We’ll use healing magic as an example. Some people believe that you should only do healing with the patient’s permission, but the waters get muddy. Life is gray, not black and white. For instance, restricting healing to only those who you ask permission from, can be viewed similarly to not helping someone who is passed out. For instance, if someone passed out and cut themselves on the way down. Would you at the very least try to awaken them? Or staunch the bleeding? Call an ambulance? But wait! You didn’t ask if this is what they wanted first. So do you sit there until they wake up? What if they never wake up without the aid of a doctor? Or if the cut were bad enough, what if they bleed to death? In a physical event like this, most people don’t think twice about helping another, with or without their permission.

I guess I should address some reasons why someone would not ask permission before sending healing to a sick person. For starters, the patient may be a devout Christian that rejects any form of witchcraft. Or maybe you love the person, but have been on the outs with them, and don’t want to get into any arguments at this time. Or maybe they’re in a coma, and you can’t ask. Maybe it’s a friend of a friend that you don’t know personally, but your friend asked that you help. It could be any number of things.

People on the “get permission first” side of the fence believe that you may be interfering with the person’s destiny. By getting permission, then it must be in the person’s fate to receive the healing since they agreed to receive the help.

On the other side of the fence where one doesn’t bother with getting permission before sending healing energy, there is the school of thought that the healing will be accepted by the person’s subconscious if they truly wish to be well. Otherwise, the healing will be rejected.

Some people also look at it this way – if the person sought medical help, they must want to get well, so why not attempt to help it along with spell work or energy work? Others will do a short reading on the situation before doing magic for anyone. That tells them whether to proceed or leave it alone.

But why is this such a hot button issue with so many in the magical community? We as humans are basically control freaks. When we perceive that someone has done something wrong, we want justice and even revenge. When we perceive someone as doing the wrong thing, or being purposefully “bad”, we don’t want to see them get away with it. It may be, because we feel we are following the “rules”, so they should have to as well. And if not, hellfire should rain down upon them. People say things like “what goes around, comes around”, or “Karma will get him/her”, or “I hope he/she roasts in hell for that”. There are others, but you get the gist. In our culture, we seem to focus on the punishment of people more than the rewards of others who may be doing heroic good deeds. We like seeing bad people get what’s coming to them (whatever that may be in our opinion).

Many in the Wiccan community will publicly state the three fold law, which is stating that they are harmless since anything they do will return to them not once, but three-fold by the powers that be. So if they do something “wrong”, they will be punished severely for it. In reality, I have seen some of these same people justify reasons to curse others, and sometimes for offenses that are only creations of their own minds. My point here is that you can’t always believe what someone preaches, because they will bend the “rules” when it suits them. People are people.

Then there is the term “paying the coin”. This is actually what Karma means too, but here in the West, we mistranslated it to mean reward and punishment. What both of these mean is action and reaction. By doing anything in life, magical or mundane, our actions create reactions in the world. This is simply nature, like the ripples that form after throwing a pebble in a pond. An action as small as smiling at someone will cause a reaction within them. It could even change their behavior for a little while, which will change something else, etc. It’s a ripple effect.

By the same token, if someone broke into your home in the middle of the night carrying a gun, and you shot them, you are also causing a reaction. You took an action that you felt was needed to protect you and your family. The reaction could possibly be a punishment, depending on the laws in your area. But you were willing to take the risk because you felt it was the right thing to do in that moment. That is what paying the coin is. You are willing to deal with the reactions of your action. It is not about punishment and rewards, but simply living with the results of your actions.

Then there is the “An it harm none” quote. This statement is too open to interpretation. Just by being alive, we are hurting others. We eat, which kills those life forms. If we get sick, we actively seek to kill those bacteria or viruses. We often put ourselves in harm’s way, such as driving a car, or crossing the street. We can innocently harm another by a casual statement that they carry as a burden for the rest of their lives. People condense it down to what it means to them, but as it is, it can be a confusing guideline.

There are yet other people who don’t believe in any of the above. They just go through life doing what they please, and don’t worry about repurcussions in any form.

When in a coven or other magical group, it only makes sense for the people in the group to share the same ethics. In that situation, you want everyone to be on the same page, so that you can work as a harmonic unit.

But otherwise, we should leave magical folk to discover their own ethics for themselves. There is not a problem with being presented with various beliefs, but there is a problem, and you could even say it’s unethical, to push your personal ethics and morals on another.

This post is not about telling anyone what ethics to follow or not to follow, but to choose them for themselves. We shouldn’t let others frighten or badger us into following their ethics, but in each situation, listen to our own guts. If it’s something that you feel you shouldn’t be doing, you will feel resistence. But if it feels right, you’ll get a warm open feeling in your gut. This is a personal area that everyone needs to explore for themselves.

S. Marlin


The Witch’s Familiar


I may manage to piss off some people with today’s blog. Please bear in mind that I am expressing my views on this matter, and that you are free to believe what you wish. I wanted to talk about familiars because I think they are generally misunderstood creatures in today’s society.


The purpose of a familiar is to help a witch accomplish certain goals. That goal could be to aid in her/his spellwork, or to perform other tasks such as going forth and spying on people or places for the witch and reporting back what was found. Familiars could take any form, including birds and toads. In a rural setting, no one is apt to notice a little toad hiding among the foliage.


Now a familiar is different from a pet. Unless the witch spoke the language of the animals, she would not know what information a pet retrieved for her, if it even bothered to retrieve anything at all. So it is more likely that the animal’s body is actually a vessel for a familiar spirit, which would not be the natural spirit of the animal, but an invoked spirit to perform the tasks assigned it. Animal spirits, although intelligent, and often loving are not capable of understanding let alone undertake complex assignments for the practitioner. If you told your pet cat to go to town and see if the villagers are plotting your demise, you will be up a creek without a paddle if they really are plotting against you.


The cat would most likely dig in your neighbor’s flower bed, kill a bird or rodent, and come on home for dinner, often bringing it’s dead little trophy with it.


A familiar is a different creature. It can be daemon or a fetch. Daemons are non-human spirits that could and can often be invoked or coaxed to work with humans. They were later “demonized” as evil creatures by the church. Familiars and fetches are not limited to being in animals, but can be in a piece of jewelry, etc, or remain invisible.


A fetch is a thoughtform created by the witch, and once again it is to perform certain tasks. Fetches are usually invisible to most people. Those with psychic sight can generally see them when they are around. Because these spirits are linked to the witch, the witch can have communication with them.


Then there are the accidental invoked spirits that have qualities similar to a familiar or a fetch. As an example, I will share my first experience with this. In 1972 I had bought my first athame at The Warlock Shop which was located in Brooklyn, New York. When the time was right, I charged it following the directions from Paul Huson’s book “Mastering Witchcraft” carefully. I was on the 6th story of an apartment building and was facing the window which had a good view of the sky. While I was charging it, a thunderstorm erupted out of nowhere. I found the storm exciting and invigorating. As it turned out, that particular athame didn’t function so much as an athame, instead, it functioned as a storm-bringer. I noticed that every time I used it, a storm would come no matter what the weather forecast was. In the last couple of decades, it seems to have mellowed to just bring rain rather than full storms. I rarely use it, because I figure Mother Nature knows best as far as what weather should be occurring at any given time, so the spirit that brought the storms may have weakened with the lack of use. But my point is that spirits can be invoked, even ones you didn’t mean to invoke. So to invoke a spirit into the body of an animal when done on purpose is how I believe animal familiars are actually made. Since I am an avid animal lover, I personally don’t use living animals as the vessel for a familiar. As stated earlier, inanimate objects work just as well to house a familiar spirit.


One more alternative to animal familiars would be that the fetch or daemon remain in a spirit form, and take the shape of an animal. Spirit can appear like a solid being at times.

By Sharon Marlin


Our New Adventure

I am terrible with keeping up with blogging. I guess I have difficulties with monologues, even though you’d never guess it if you heard me, because I tend to talk to myself often. There have been some big changes since my last blog. The biggest one is that we have moved from Georgia to Oregon. We drove that distance with our 2 dogs and cat in our back seat. Getting the dogs to stay in the back seat was a challenge the first day. I had figured out a way to hook their leashes to the back headrests to keep them from coming up front with us. They are both too big to try to ride in our laps, especially the driver’s lap! It was a 5 day trip, that was tiring for all of us, but it is definitely worth it. It’s beautiful here, with snow capped mountains.

We went from hot and humid to cool, with not much humidity at all. I really look forward to the Summers here. The highs in our area are supposed to be in the 80’s as opposed to over a hundred as it often is in Middle GA. And no more palmetto bugs! It’s so nice to not have to see those disgusting things anymore.

The call of the spirits here is strong. We are surrounded by mountains with a crystal clear rushing creek a few yards out our back door. I feel the call of the ocean too. Not nice white sand beaches, but the untamed roaring waves washing over craggy rocks. This is indeed a magical place.

Although I am still working on changing the look of the Mystic Cauldron throughout the site, I am also putting more focus on the Root and Bone Apothecary. Especially in the “services” area. We are now accepting clients for spellwork. I also have more oils to add, but my empty bottles are hiding in a box somewhere in my storage unit, so I have more on the way. Once I have the bottles, I will add the additional oils to the site.

I’ve also added new products here and there throughout the Mystic Cauldron, the latest being Orion Foxwood’s new book “Candle and the Crossroads”. We also have some gorgeous new coffee and travel mugs, and new t-shirts!

I wish you all a blessed and prosperous year ahead!


Do you feel cursed or haunted? Whether you delve into magic or not, you could have picked up something that suddenly seems to be changing your luck for the worse. This may accompany feelings of oppression, sadness or irritability. Naturally the emotional and mental state could be medical in nature, so in this article I am going to assume you went to see your Dr. to rule out any medical reasons for your feelings.


Ok, back to magic… if you have been using magic, dealing with spirits, or going to places such as haunted locations or cemeteries, you may have opened a portal and let an unknown spirit in, or you could have a tag-along from a haunted spot.


If you’re ruling out the possibility of spirits, but feeling cursed while at the same time wondering who in the world would be responsible because you don’t have any enemies, ponder this. We all do magic all the time whether consciously or unconsciously. We are continuously creating the world around us. And for some crazy reason unknown to me, negative magic seems to be the easiest. I’m assuming it’s due to all the emotion that is fueling the anger at the time. You could’ve been the victim of the Evil Eye, or as it’s called here in the South, the Stink Eye.


You may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, or accidentally cut someone off on the road, (because I know none of my readers would do that on purpose). Maybe a cashier was having a bad day, and you asked her a silly question such as “where’s the dog food?”. You know the look I’m referring to. It’s a hateful glare that makes you back up and wonder “what’s their problem?”. Not every Evil Eye goes home to roost with you, but some do. I guess some people just have a better knack for spreading the hate.


I know the above are all different situations, but you can actually get rid of the problem no matter what the cause. Unless you were trying to raise a bad-ass demon and got one, or actually do have enemies who are plotting your demise by magic. These 2 cases would require stronger work, and possibly the help of a professional.


To change things back around for the better, start with yourself. Mix yourself up a cleansing bath, or buy one ready made. Hyssop, some sea salt, and rosemary are a good combination. Brew this into an infusion, allow it to cool, mix it with about a gallon of water, then shower as you normally do, but after your last rinse carefully pour the cleansing bath over you starting with the top on down. Now air dry because you want to keep a light film of the cleansing herbal mix on you, since it helps to protect you as well as cleanse negative energy off of you. If you have other people living with you, see if you can get them to take cleansing baths too. If they look at you as if you sprouted horns, and won’t take a cleansing bath, you can put some in a spray bottle and mist them with it. It’s not quite as good as a bath, but better than nothing. Once again, go from the top down. Take your bath for 3 days in a row, and see how you feel. Clean your tub with ammonia (and NEVER mix ammonia with other cleaning products) so there is no negative residue that you could end up picking back up. If you are inclined, you can save a cup of the bathwater that came off of you, and carry it to the nearest crossroads and throw it out there.


Next step is the inside of your home. Some people wash the entire inside of the house, including the walls. I can’t even get to most of my walls since they are covered in bookcases, so I prefer the fumigation or misting methods. My incense of choice which will raise the vibration of a place, dispelling negativity as well as run off an errant spirit is a combination of Sandalwood, Dragon’s Blood and Frankincense. I’ve used it in loose form as well as sticks, and it has worked nicely.


If you are making a spritz to spray the interior of your home, Hyssop, Lavender, and some Florida Water makes a nice combination which smells pleasant too. Once again, you would make an infusion of the Hyssop and Lavender, allow to cool, add some Florida Water, the fill the rest of the bottle with water. I prefer to use distilled water for this both for the infusion and the bottle filler. For clarification for anyone new to this, Florida Water is a cologne, and not simply water from Florida.


Open your front door, and you can either start fumigating/spritzing from the back of the house to the front, or begin at the front door, and fumigate/spritz in every room but moving in a counter clockwise direction through the house until you reach the opened front door again. Don’t forget to gently waft some of the smoke in closets, and attics, ect. too. If it’s a wayward spirit, it will hide in those places. Just be careful not to spritz anything electrical, and be careful with the incense, especially where there are lots of flammable items, such as closets. The goal is to cleanse the energy in each room, not burn the house down. When you have run everything out the front door, close the door. You’re not done yet. Now to keep things out, now that you got them out of the house, anoint all your doors and windows beginning with the front door and this time going clockwise through the house. You can use Holy Water, or Florida Water for this step.


I’m sure lots of folks use different protective infusions or oils. You can anoint the doors and windows themselves, or the door and window frames. I like to do the latter, and while you are anointing it, make it into the sign of the cross, and visualize that you are making a protective boundary. If you suspect evil has been purposefully directed at you, or that your roomate is so annoying, that your house is bound to be the target of a hex sooner or later, you can get those convex mirrors that they sell at auto parts stores. They are only a few inches across, and they are normally used on side view mirrors to give a wider fish-eye view of traffic. Anoint it, energize it to protect your home, and hang one on each wall that faces outside. North, South, East and West. If you live in an apt, hang them inside your windows, but facing outwards. The reason for this is so the apartment maintenance man won’t remove them for you. Different apartments have different rules about outside “decor”. You will probably only need 3 in an apt, since your 4th wall is probably not exposed to the outside.


One more thing that you will want to consider is whether you received or purchased an object when things started going downhill. You may have a haunted or cursed object. If it’s vintage or simply used, the previous owner may have been a negative Nellie, and the object may be holding her residual energy. If you suspect that’s the case, put the object in salt or earth (dirt) for 2 – 4 weeks. Preferably during a waning moon. Keep in mind that salt is corrosive, so Earth may be the better choice for anything made of metal. When done, the object will have a neutral energy. If you do magic, why not charge it up for somehing positive? Nature abhors a vacuum, so stick something good in there!


All the above products and herbs to make your own can be found at The Mystic Cauldron.

Florida Water – http://www.mysticcauldron.com/colognes.html 
Herbs – http://www.mysticcauldron.com/herbs.html
Baths – http://www.mysticcauldron.com/bath.html

By Draiga

Dumb Supper

This is the season when things go bump in the night, and ghosts and goblins roam the streets. The veil between the physical world and the world of spirit are thin, so it’s easier to commune with the dead. A custom that I like to do at this time of year is a dumb supper. The premise of the supper is to honor the dead by sharing a meal with your deceased loved ones. If you or your guests have a small trinket or photo, they can bring it to sit at the place setting of the spirits.

For starters, I like to find some nice fall food recipes. Salt is not good for the dead. It can drain their energy leaving them weak, so while cooking the meal you want to avoid the use of salt as much as possible. When the food is done cooking, you can dish out a plate of food for the spirits, then salt the remaining that will be what you and your living guests will be eating.

Ambiance really adds to the experience. I use a black tablecloth with black tableware. Silver tableware would look nice too, as well as a black and red or black and purple theme. In the center of the table I put a semi-realstic looking skull and fill it with black plums and dark grapes. Also on the table is a candelabra, and we eat by candle light. I seat the dead at the head of the table with some filmy white fabric over the chair to represent the spirits. They are the guests of honor.

Hanging a large black mirror on the wall behind the chair can allow posible glimpses of who is attending your supper from the invisible realms. I also light a white candle at the place setting for the dead as well as the previously dished out plate of food for them, and a glass of wine. Serving a deep red wine, or pomegranate punch is perfect for this affair. For pomegranate punch, a mixture of pomegranate juice and gingerale work nicely. Pomegranates are known as the fruit of the dead, so would be most appropriate.

When you are ready to sit down for dinner, be sure to let your guests know that there will be no speaking. That while enjoying this meal, they need to keep their ears open for whispers from their dead loved ones. As host/hostess keep a keen eye on whether your guests need drink refills and silently tend them. Or if you wish, keep a pitcher or bottle of wine out where the guests may serve themselves.

When everyone is gathered at the table, speak some words of welcome to the spirits inviting them to join you and your guests for this dinner held in their honor. Let them know that you would love to hear from them during this occassion.

After everyone has finished their meal, announce that it is now alright to speak. We usually follow with a seance of sorts. You can do a traditional seance, or if you have any ghost hunting equipment, you can talk through that. EMF meters can be used for yes or no answers, ghost boxes are great for communication, and of course audio recorders for EVPs. You can also drag out the camera in an attempt to get a family photo.

When done, thank the spirits for attending.

By Draiga

Working with spirits is easier than most people would think. I believe that we all have spirits of some sort or other hanging around us all the time. It could be loved ones, ancestors, angels, Saints, Gods or Goddesses.

Right now I’m referring to spirits that may help us rather than random spirit creatures that may pass through our space now and then.

To work with the spirits, just talk to them on a frequent basis, preferably daily, and give them offerings. The offerings don’t have to be elaborate, but it should come from the heart. You can give them flowers, food, drink, incense, candles and even a glass of fresh water. Whatever you give them, be sure to hold the item in your hands and direct love and/or blessings into it before giving it to them. Offerings of food and drinks that can go bad should be removed before they actually begin to mold or rot.

Since I don’t like attracting bugs, when I offer food, I offer things like an orange, apple, nuts, etc. If it’s a special occassion and I want to offer some of my meal, I will put it in a dish like a lidded candy dish so that I can cover it with the lid.

I always have fresh water on my altar for my ancestors and will light candles for them periodically. I know that some of them liked coffee in life, so now and then I’ll brew up a cup of java for them. For those that liked alcohol, I will pour an occasional glass of wine or hard liquor. You get the idea.

The question may arise that if they are in the Otherworld / Summerland / Heaven, etc., why would they need these things from us? Wouldn’t all their needs and desires be met already? Isn’t it supposed to be better in the Afterlife than it is here on Earth? I would say “yes”. The reason we give the offerings is not to provide them with something they lack as much as to make a loving and continuous connection between us and them. By giving thought to what they would like builds a caring relationship, even if your offering is nothing more than a fresh cool glass of water.

The benefits of working with spirits is incredible. You may need help in an area that you are unaware of, and suddenly something unexplainable will happen to protect you. Here is one example. One day, when I had my brick and mortar shop, someone came in that may have been undesirable or even dangerous. There were no other people in the shop; just him and me. I got an odd vibe off of him but didn’t know why. Then suddenly the lights in the shop started going off and on. He looked around at the lights nervously and promptly left. Then a styrofoam head lept off the shelf and flew towards the closed door. That seemed to make the statement “get out and stay out!”. I don’t know what that fellow’s intentions were, but I felt like the spirits were looking out for me. That man never came in the shop again.

Although you can ask the spirits to help you with certain things, it always makes me feel amazed when they help me unexpectedly. And this has happened time and time again.

If you want to work with certain Saints, Orishas, Gods or Goddesses, it’s always best to research what they like as offerings, and how they like to be approached. If you approach them in a way that is not traditional for them, they may get angry with you, and you don’t want the wrath of any God upon you. They can be particular, and may even feel insulted by an offering of the wrong type. The same goes if you choose to work with fairies. The fey can be helpful, but can also drive you nuts with their tricks or get vengeful if they feel you’ve insulted them. The rules they follow are not the same as mankind’s, so you must be careful if you choose to work with them. They are not all cutesy, sweet, pretty little things.

A note about asking spirits for help… They may help you in your life more than you will ever know, but it’s best to ask them for help with important projects rather than every little thing. We must keep in mind that they have their own lives in the spirit realms and that when they help us it’s a gift, not an obligation. You still have to make your own efforts in life, be it physical action and/or magical action. Having spirit helpers is like having good friends rather than having slaves. This is good to keep in mind lest you anger a spirit by treating it like it owes you something. When angered, most will simply leave you, while others may retaliate if you insult them enough. But if approached respectfully, the rewards of working with spirits could just turn out to be more than you ever dreamed possible.

By Draiga


The book and movie The Secret were based on one Universal Law, and that is the Law of Attraction. When the aforementioned were released there was a flood of people working on changing the ways they think, and making vision boards in order to have the things they want in life as opposed to lacking these things. As a magic practitioner, it was a bit amusing to see all these people, many who are hostile towards magic, actually begin to practice deliberate magic. Vision boards are actually sympathetic magic.

Here we are years later, and most people still do not have the things they want in life. The Law of Attraction seemed to only partially work. Some things materialized right away, a few others more slowly, and even more never became reality at all. So why not?

The reason is, that not only do you need to change you conscious thoughts, but you need to connect with your subconscious mind as well. It’s how you deep down feel and believe about something that will manifest in your life. So if your thoughts are on getting wealth, but that little voice says “yeah, right”, or you get that little clench in your gut, it ain’t happening.

Magical practitioners from all over the world have undertood that to make magic happen, you must talk to your subconscious mind and your emotions in a language that it understands. You must resonate with your objective. Your subconscious mind is like a child, and it likes to play. So colors, scents, and such speak to it at a deeper level.

Logically speaking we do magic all the time, and are continuously manifesting our reality with not only our thoughts, but our deep down beliefs. We shouldn’t need tools, just our thoughts. But alot of the time the child within just don’t buy it, and that often hurt or frightened child will thwart your positive thoughts. So how do you get the child within to be on your side? With play! When you go through the process of choosing herbs, oils, stones and candles, your inner child is having fun. Your child within is getting to take part in the process. Does that mean that it still won’t have the last word? If you phrase things right, and pretend that it is so even for a sort time, that little voice may believe in the possibility rather than be a naysayer. You can put what you believe to be reality aside for a few minutes, and just pretend that you can do this spell (whatever it is) with success. You could visualize “what would it be like if…” When done with your spell move on to something else entirely and forget the spell. Allow the magic to work. You’ve already done your part.

Another benefit to using tools is that each ingredient adds it’s own energy towards your working. Colors, herbs, oils, stones all have their own energy, so when you use them, you are adding more energy than your own to the mix.

Another ingredient that helps many people is incorporating spirits into your spellwork. If your subconscious doesn’t have faith in your abilities to accomplish a task, it may have faith that a spirit can do the job. If this is the case, when you do your spell, pray to the spirit you relate best with, be it Pagan Gods, Christian Saints, Jesus, or dear old deceased Uncle Joe.

Always notice your gut reaction and little voice when you make a statement. That will allow you to see if you are in tune with your goal or not. If not, work on your attitudes about it on a daily basis in addition to doing your magic. Avoid focusing on negative things that happen in our day to day lives, because we just create more negativity when we do that. But if we start focusing on the positive in our day to day lives, the positive will begin to increase. How many times have you seen someone have  something bad happen to them, and they follow it with a statement of “that always happens to me”. They’ve just placed themselves in the role of a victim who the Universe likes throw curve balls at. They would do better to shrug it off as “things happen”, and place their focus on something positive. The old adage of “energy flows where attention goes” is true. The more you focus on the positive, the more your energy body will expand and more and more positive things will start coming your way. But it’s not all conscious thought, but subconscious as well. So adding spells and tools can prove to be very helpful in getting what you desire.

And if you get some reults, but not the results you wanted, celebrate! Don’t think “it didn’t work”. Think “yes, it worked!”, and then you can proceed to do it a little better next time. If you are doing a spell for money, and found a $10.00 bill on the street, but didn’t win the lottery, see it as a success rather than a failure. You DID get money! Just as a business may grow their profits slowly, you may need to do the same with your magic. Aim for things you believe you can have and let it grow over time with smaller successes turning into bigger successes.

By Draiga Wolfsong